COVID-19 Precautions

As you know the world is going through a pandemic, which is not yet about to stop, and Switzerland has unfortunately not been spared. As a student organization, we are taking measures in order to prevent the spread of the virus, until the experts from the government and the university consider the situation safe again. 

The global situation in Switzerland is regularly updated on the government's official website, feel free to check it out regularly: Swiss Government COVID Live Info Page


In the following paragraphs, you will find a couple of recommendations on how to prepare for before you come to Switzerland. This information is IMPORTANT and could be very useful for before and after your arrival in Switzerland. We again encourage you to regularly check the evolution of the pandemic on the previously mentioned website. 

COVID Tracking App for Switzerland

First of all, the Swiss confederation created an app that we strongly advise you to download. It is called SwissCovid and is available on both Android and iOS. It establishes whether you have been in close physical contact with someone who is infected. That way, we can break the chains of transmission. 

Android Download Page

iOS Download Page

Please understand that this app has been designed to store all data on your phone and therefore not allow the government to track its users in any way. All App users remain anonymous. You can find all relevant information right here: Info about the SwissCOVID App

Mask Policy

Currently, as we are writing this email, masks are mandatory in public transports, grocery stores and most other small stores. Do not forget to bring your fanciest mask! We will also be selling masks (both single-use and reusable) during our events and on campus. 


People arriving in Switzerland from certain countries and areas are required to go into quarantine for 10 days. If your country is listed in the following list, please take appropriate measures. Here you can find more information about entering Switzerland.

People arriving in Switzerland from countries that ar not listed as being high risk must, if they arrive by plane, present a negative test result.

People that already have recieved their 2 doses of the vaccine (approved in Switzerland or in ther European Union or by the WHO emergency list) do not have to go into quarantine, unless their country has a variant of concern.

Students helping students - Assisting those who must quarantine

ESN Lausanne has set up a mutual help program to assist you if you have to quarantine. We will put you in contact with locals who can get your groceries and help with other urgent errands. If this is your case (or if you wish to help others), please fill in the form below. This program will remain open throughout the year if you ever have to quarantine throughout your semester or year.

ESN Lausanne Mutual Help Program Registration