WHAT? Skiing and open air concert (with CHARLIE WINSTON!!!) in Verbier

WHEN? Sunday, April 10th, leaving at 07:10 a.m. and returning at 8:40 p.m. The train will leave with or without you.

WHERE? Meeting at Lausanne train station on platform 3 at 07:00 a.m. (directly on the platform, track 3)

70 CHF with ESN card

+5 CHF without ESN card

+10 CHF for externs (people who aren’t EPFL/Unil students)

10 CHF reduction with voie 7

25 CHF reduction with AG

No reduction with 1⁄2 tarif

This includes the trip, the ski pass and the concert. It does not include the skis/snowboards.

Sign up from Monday 4th of April at noon, until Wednesday 6th of April at 2 pm at Agepoly for EPFL students and sold at ESN UNIL Office, building Anthropole, Office 1128.1 for Unil students

Please bring the exact amount of money to make sure to be able to register.
Also, please note that you will have to accept an agreement and disclaimer in order to participate, which will be available at Agepoly directly.
Here is the map: http://plan.epfl.ch/?room=MEC1398.1

Bring your skis/snowboard. Pack your lunch. Bring your ski clothes (multiple layers, warm and waterproof clothes, gloves, hat, ski mask/sun glasses). You should also bring sunscreen. A helmet is also recommended.
You may also want to bring some games/entertainment for in the train.


Do you want to get some last skiing done before the end of the season, but at the same time also want to chill on the slopes and enjoy a great concert overlooking an incredible landscape? If so, we have the pleasure to invite you, our beloved Erasmus students, to Verbier, to enjoy fantastic skiing and great concerts at the Impulse festival. The best part? The concert takes place on the slopes! The event will take place the 10th of April, and since it’s going to be your last opportunity to see our beautiful Swiss Alps covered in snow, you wouldn’t want to miss it, especially if you love mountains, ski and Charlie Winston! Even a Swiss music group called ‘’The Animen” will be present, to show you what real Swiss music sounds like ;)

Never skied before? Some very nice ESN people will coach you in the morning for your first rides down the mountain.

We'll meet at the train station at 07:00 and the train leaves at 07:10 am. Don't forget to take lunch/dinner and your skis

Come along with us for a last day in the snow!
Your ESN EPFL and ESN Unil committees

10/04/2016 - 07:00