WHAT: A simple training for keeping in shape this Spring
WHERE: Centre Sportif UNIL/EPFL in Lausanne
WHEN: Mondays of April, 6PM
HOW TO SIGN UP: No need to sign up, just show up on time :)
PRICE: 0 chf

Hey everyone!

Do you enjoy running by he lake? Would you enjoy it even more with a bunch of fellow exchange students and ESN members? Then join our training for the 10km and 20km races in Lausanne on Sunday April 24th!

It's not a hardcore training and each participant is encouraged to have his or her personnal time objectives, but it should help you get you through the whole race on D-day. Of course, you're welcome to join even if you don't plan to run on April 24th! We'll be running each coming Monday until the race at 6PM, so please meet 5 minutes in advance in front of the Sport Center entrance.

The planing for the coming trainings is the following:
- Wednesday March 30th: 6 km run by the lake (Sport Center - Vidy)
- Monday April 4th: 8km run by the lake (Sport Center - Bellerive)
- Monday April 11th: 8km (or 14km) run on the tracks by the Sport Center
- Monday April 18th:6km (or 10km) run by the lake

If you are interested in joining under the ESN EPFL (or UNIL) Team, don't hesitate to contact Rick Rösti about it!

Photo by Job Viey

24/04/2016 - 09:00