Cups are now illegal ! Bring the craziest cup-substitute you can think of and join us for the Anything But Cups Party ! It will do the trick as long as:
1) It's not a cup
2) You can drink from it
3) It fits through the door
This evening is all-inclusive We will provide some snacks, beverages and good music to dance all night long ! 
You just need to bring something to pour your drinks in

The best container will be rewarded wink
So if you wanna come and party with us, fill in this form
Can’t wait to see your non-cup 
Your beloved ESN Committee heart

✦ WHEN: Thursday, October 14th, 8pm
✦ WHERE: Refuge d’Ecublens
(chemin des Trois-Ponts 1, 1024 Ecublens)
Erasmus with ESNcard: CHF 15
Erasmus without ESNcard: CHF 20
Anyone else with ESNcard: CHF 20
Anyone else without ESNcard: CHF 25
✦COVID: The COVID certificate is required
Spots are limited! First come, first served. Filling the form DOES NOT guarantee you a place, it will be reserved only when you come to pay!
1) Begin by filling this form:
2) Come pay during our office hours (only then your place will be confirmed):
✧ For EPFL students:
From Monday, October 11th to Thursday, October 14th
Between 12:15pm and 1:15pm.
In front of AGEPoly desk (Esplanade EPFL).
✧ For UNIL students:
From Monday, October 11th to Thursday, October 14th
Between 12:15pm and 1:15pm.
Office in Anthropole (1128.1).
✧ For CHUV students:
On Tuesday, October 12th and on Thursday, October 14th from 12:15pm to 1pm.
At Bibliothèque Universitaire de Médecine, building Falaises 2.
✧ For HEP students:
After having filled the form, please send a message on Telegram to @tamara_blm stating the event name and date and your contact details (first name, last name, email address and phone number).
*Note: Once you have paid, if you want to cancel you must find someone to take your spot and notify us about it. No refunds are possible

14/10/2021 - 20:00