*The schedule is indicative and subject to changes

Events: Days


Excited to be in Lausanne but scared of being lonely? We have the perfect solution for you! Come to our speed-friending event to meet other awesome Erasmus students! Throughout the week, you'll be matched in teams to foster connections, have a good laugh and share great memories. You’ll have the opportunity to get to know each other while playing games and enjoying some crepes! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to kickstart your week on the right path, surrounded by amazing new friends!

Lavaux & Wine tasting

Could you think of a better afternoon than having a walk in the Lavaux vineyards, basking in the beauty of its UNESCO World Heritage site, and indulging in a wine tasting experience? After a quick train ride from Lausanne to Lavaux, we will meet a local winemaker who will explain the winemaking process, followed by a wine tasting session. Come along and treat yourself to an unforgettable experience blending nature, culture, and the finest local wines.


Come and bring out your inner Olympian in the Olympic capital of the world! The Olympiads will challenge you with many crazy mini-games at the university sports center. Gather your team and prepare to engage in friendly competitions. As you immerse yourself in the festivities, you'll also have the opportunity to explore the university sports center, discovering the wide range of sports and activities available for the semester ahead. 

City Rallye

Time has come to explore the wonderful city of Lausanne! Join us for a rally, and discover various neighborhoods, points of interest, bars to hang out and local shops. Through fun challenges, our local staff will present the city as they know it, to give you all the keys to spending a fabulous time here! There might also be some degustations along the way…

Campus Tour

You’re about to spend the next semester on an amazing campus! Gather your teammates to solve a mysterious quest around the buildings you’ll get used to seeing. You’ll be guided by a local student who may give you some hints… Find the most important facilities and spots of your campus while having fun with this amazing scavenger hunt! 


Events: Nights

International Apéro

During the international apéro, you will have the opportunity to taste typical drinks and snacks from all around the world! We invite you to bring a typical drink or cocktail, and a snack (salty or sweet) representing your country to contribute to the grand tasting experience. Moreover, a few activities will take place during the apéro (spoiler: karaoke !). We will take care of bringing a few Swiss drinks and snacks, but your contribution will enrich the event. Feel free to represent your country as much as possible, we hope to see you dressed in your country’s style or in your country's colors! 

Disco night party

Do you love 70s music, dancing surrounded by glitter, sipping colorful cocktails? Let us take you back to The Disco Years ! Bring out your best bell-bottom pants, your craziest wigs or your most disco outfits for this occasion and enjoy the freedom of an open bar during the craziest night of the week.

Swiss Dinner

Join us for a delightful and fun-filled meal that celebrates the very essence of Swiss traditions! We will be making a typical swiss dish, our “raclette”, by using the traditional “demi meules” - the iconic heating machine where half wheels of raclette cheese are melted to perfection. Join your fellow students for a fun dinner party filled with great wine and even better conversation.

Gala Night: Welcome to Atlantis - New!

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Atlantis at our gala night, in a new event created especially for this welcome week! You will be able to experience our photobooth, see talented live musicians and win fabulous prizes. As the night progresses, the gala will transform into a fun afterparty with a DJ, ensuring a high-energy end to the evening. We can't wait to share this magical journey with you, which will end your first week in Lausanne on a high note! 


Events: Chalet Weekend

Welcome to our chalet weekend getaway! As the weekend unfolds, you'll have the freedom to choose from an array of activities designed to suit your preferences. Don’t worry, we will ask which activity you choose later!


On Friday night after arriving at the chalet, you can choose between:

  1. A small night hike near the chalet (3,2km with 300m uphill and downhill, 1h20)
  2. A board game night (games are kindly lent by Ludopoly, an EPFL student association focusing on board games)
  3. Chilling in your rooms


On Saturday you will have the opportunity to choose between three different activities: 


  1. A chill day in the Gruyère region:

You will first visit the Cailler chocolate factory "Maison Cailler" and learn about their chocolate (and taste it!), then you will visit the famous town of Gruyères where you can visit the castle of Gruyères if you wish (the price is not included) and finally you will visit the Gruyère cheese factory “La Maison du Gruyère” and learn about the most famous Swiss cheese (and taste it!).


  1. A fun sporty day sledging down the Moleson mountain: 

Here you will take full advantage of the joys of sledging in the Moleson ski area, in the heart of the Gruyère region. After taking the funicular up to Plan-Francey (1’520m), a 4km slope will be waiting for you with some pretty exciting turns through forests and bucolic pastures. Fun and amazing views guaranteed!


  1. A hard hike snowshoeing to the top of a mountain nearby called Le Vanil Blanc: 

Perfect if you want to further explore the stunning landscapes that Switzerland has to offer! This hike will take you on an enchanting walk on the balconies overlooking the Gruyère plain, all the way up to the summit of the Vanil Blanc (1’572m).  At the top, a bird’s view and a magnificent panorama leading to Mont-Blanc will be waiting for you. The hike will take approximately 4h30, with 600m uphill and downhill.

For an extra touch of fun, you can also choose to go night-time sledging on Saturday night before dinner (the price is not included).


Our talented chefs are set to wow you with their culinary creations, preparing mouthwatering meals from Friday dinner to Sunday’s breakfast. 


Get ready for two amazing parties that will take your weekend to the next level! The first is "Fluorescent fête", a neon-themed silent party where we'll provide the headphones and you bring your radiant vibes. The second, "Enchanted forest", is a fairytale-themed party where we require you to bring your best fairy outfit. Both parties will have an open bar, ensuring non-stop fun and indulgence. 


⚠️ Disclaimers/ additional information

The night events and the chalet week-end are reserved for students that are over 18 years old.