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Like every semester, we, ESN Lausanne (ESN UNIL), are organizing our famous Welcome Week!  which will take place from February 14th to 20th, 2022!! 


Throughout the week ESN Lausanne will show you around the campuses, guide you through the streets of Lausanne and help you discover the city's beautiful surroundings! A full-packed week to discover, exchange with local & erasmus students and have fun! 


Find out about all the different activities below!


As an exchange student, you will receive all the necessary information concerning the week and ticket sales via email, so keep an eye on your inbox! mail


We can’t wait to have you with us in Lausanne! wink


If you’re curious check out our last Welcome Week’s aftermovie !



Spring 2022: 14-20 February

Autumn 2022: 12-16 September

Spring 2023: 13-19 February



** Read till the end for all the important information regarding ticket sales, the plan for the week and COVID-19** 



Before presenting all the exciting activities we have in store for you, we need you to be informed about the COVID situation in Switzerland and how it impacts the week.


Currently, the number of COVID cases in Switzerland are very high, but due to the fact that hospitalization rates are proportionally low, there is (fingers crossed) no lockdown in sight. 

However, there is a very strict control of COVID passes in place, especially for indoor spaces (ex. bars, clubs, restaurants, etc.). COVID passes are categorized into three groups: 


  • 3G = you have been vaccinated, have recovered from COVID or have had a negative test.
  • 2G = you have been vaccinated or have recovered from COVID.
  • 2G+ = you have been vaccinated or have recovered from COVID and can additionally show a certificate for a negative test result OR you have been vaccinated or have recovered from COVID in the past 4 months. 

Find out more about these categories here.

Though most places (ex.restaurants) only require 2G, nightlife venues (bars, clubs) often require 2G+. Thus, we strongly recommend that you have a valid COVID PASS. 

You will be required to have a valid COVID PASS for all our Welcome Week events. 

For the day events only 2G is required. Evening activities will unfortunately only be open to 2G+ pass holders. 


We STRONGLY recommend you to change your foreign Covid certificate into a Swiss one. You can find more information about the procedure here. Moreover, you can download the Swiss app “COVID Certificate”, where you can see for which category your Covid pass is valid.


A valid COVID PASS readable for the Swiss Covid Check App (QR code format) is OBLIGATORY for all of our Welcome Week activities. We will be checking passes. We hope that this section is clear, we’re truly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but thank you for your understanding. 


If you express any COVID-19 related symptoms during the week, please take the necessary precautions and get tested. If you are positive to COVID-19 please do not attend the events and contact us immediately.


Note: We reserve the right to deny entry to any of the events to persons who may express symptoms. 




Now to the fun part!...


Activities will be held throughout the whole week 14th-20th. There will be both “day” and “evening” activities. 


The planning of the week looks like this: 




Speedfriending: The first event of the week, here you will get to meet other exchange students, get to know our wonderful ESN staff and play a few games!  

Lavaux: Right after Speedfriending, head out with your group to visit the wonderful Lavaux wine region! ESN staff will accompany you in a group by train where you will walk and enjoy some local wine!

Olympiads: The Olympiads aka time to show that you have the best group of the Welcome Week !  You’ll challenge other exchange students to several games in an amazing trampoline park.

Campus Race: A campus tour as you have never seen before ! Riddles, games, costumes of all kinds and many more insane surprises are waiting for you!

Rally: This short event will allow you to visit the main sights of Lausanne! From the station to the cathedral, you’ll know all about this beautiful city that you will call home.


Fondue: Enjoy the ultimate swiss delicacy! You’ll have a traditional swiss fondue with fellow exchange students, accompanied by wine, music and activities!

Refuge Party: Get ready to dance at the first party of the week! The theme: Guilty Pleasures! Expect your favorite songs (that you never admit to liking), loads of sweets, and amazing fun!

Sitsit: A flagship event of ours, Sitsit returns once more. Don your most elegant attire and join us for a classy night full of songs, drinks, food and excitement!



Olympic Museum: The shores of Lake Leman offer beautiful places to swim, rest, play sports or spend wonderful evenings by a fire. You will find there in particular the Olympic Museum, a must during your stay in Lausanne. We will make you discover all the particularities of the lake shore from the University Sports Center to the Ouchy Castle. Then you will have the opportunity to visit the museum.

Montreux: In the continuity of Friday, you will have the opportunity to discover Montreux, host of the famous Montreux Jazz Festival, and have a beautiful hike along the lake. During this day, we will also take a walk around Montreux, followed by a short tour of the city.

Leysin: To finish this great Welcome Week, we will go up to the resort of Leysin in the Vaudois Alps for a little winter hike and a session of “snowtubing”  in the Tobogganing Park. For guaranteed thrills, but above all for a great laugh, this park is a must! You will sit on an inner tube and race down the park’s various and crazy slopes!


Refuge Party: Ever dreamed of wearing something cozy to a party? Too lazy to change when you come home ? We got you! Put on your most DAZZLING pyjamas and come join us for our Pyjama Party!

International Dinner: It will be a great opportunity to make other exchange students discover how awesome the food of your country is, but also to taste dishes from all around the world! Moreover, some activities will take place during and after the dinner. We will take care of bringing drinks and traditional Swiss food. Feel free to represent your country as much as possible, we hope to see you dressed in your country’s style.



As you saw above, the activities are colour coded. These colours represent four different categories of events. 


YELLOW- Week Day activities (2G)

RED- Week Night activities (2G+) 

BLUE- Weekend Day activities (2G)

GREEN- Weekend Night activities (2G+)


This system is in place because different types of activities are included in our different Welcome Week Packages. 


PACKAGE 1 (40 CHF) - Week (Day)

PACKAGE 2 (90 CHF) - Week (Day + Night) 

PACKAGE 3 (75 CHF) - Weekend (Day)

PACKAGE 4 (100 CHF) - Weekend (Day + Night)


* These prices do not include platform and credit card fees.


The different events will exclusively be sold in packages. No events will be sold individually. 



Ticket Sales will take place on the platform Infomaniak, from 29th January at noon (Swiss time zone) to 6th February 11:59 pm.


In addition to the tickets, you will be able to buy the ESN card which allows you to get discounts on our events during the semester and in our partner restaurants, bars, etc.


There is no point in buying tickets for Day and Day + Night packages in the same category (Week/Weekend). Indeed, the Week/Weekend (Day + Night) package includes the Week/Weekend (Day) events.


To purchase your tickets for the Welcome Week, click here: 





All of our events unfortunately have a limited number of spots, and therefore we have to limit the number of different packages sold. In order to get a spot, we recommend you sign up for the welcome week on the first day of sales! 


Ticket Exchange:

  1. Before sales end: You may exchange your ticket with someone else for no specific reason. For the procedure of ticket exchange, please contact us by email (wwesnlausanne@gmail.com).
  2. After the end of the sales and before the beginning of the Welcome Week: You must provide a valid reason with a proof of your inability to participate in the Welcome Week. For the ticket exchange procedure, please contact us by email (wwesnlausanne@gmail.com).
  3. During the Welcome Week: No ticket exchange will be possible. Exception for Weekend packages which you will be able to exchange until Thursday 16th February under the same conditions as 2. 


There will be no refunds unless ESN Lausanne decides to cancel the event or part of it. In this case, the refund will be based on the number of days remaining and the price you paid. For the refund procedure, you will be contacted by ESN Lausanne.

Cancellation of the Welcome Week:

The Welcome Week will not be cancelled if there are Covid cases unless the number of positive participants surpasses 10% of the total participants. However, ESN Lausanne reserves the right to cancel if the health situation appears out of control, despite the fact that less than 10% of participants are positive. 




ESN Lausanne is exclusively organizing the ESN LAUSANNE WELCOME WEEK. We are not affiliated in any way to any Welcome parties or welcome activities organized by local bars, clubs or other student associations. 


All our Welcome Week activities are communicated through our official channels such as Telegram, Instagram, Facebook and of course, email !


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