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Like every semester, we, ESN Lausanne, are organizing our famous Welcome Week!  which will take place from September 12th to 18th, 2022!! 


Throughout the week ESN Lausanne will show you around the campuses, guide you through the streets of Lausanne and help you discover the city's beautiful surroundings! A full-packed week to discover, exchange with local & erasmus students and have fun! 


Find out about all the different activities below!


As an exchange student, you will receive all the necessary information concerning the week and ticket sales via email, so keep an eye on your inbox! mail


We can’t wait to have you with us in Lausanne! wink


If you’re curious check out our last Welcome Week’s aftermovie !



Spring 2023: 13-19 February






Now to the fun part!...


Activities will be held throughout the whole week 12th-18th. There will be both “day” and “evening” activities. 


The planning of the week looks like this: 



Speedfriending: The first event of the week, here you will get to meet other exchange students, get to know our wonderful ESN staff and play a few games!  

Lavaux: Right after Speedfriending, head out with your group to visit the wonderful Lavaux wine region! ESN staff will accompany you in a group by train where you will walk and enjoy some local wine!

Olympiads: The Olympiads aka time to show that you have the best group of the Welcome Week !  You’ll challenge other exchange students to several games in an amazing trampoline park.

Campus Race: A campus tour as you have never seen before ! Riddles, games, costumes of all kinds and many more insane surprises are waiting for you!

Rally: This short event will allow you to visit the main sights of Lausanne! From the station to the cathedral, you’ll know all about this beautiful city that you will call home.


Fondue: Enjoy the ultimate swiss delicacy! You’ll have a traditional swiss fondue with fellow exchange students, accompanied by wine, music and activities!

Refuge Party: Get ready to dance at the first party of the week! The theme: Guilty Pleasures! Expect your favorite songs (that you never admit to liking), loads of sweets, and amazing fun!

Sitsit: A flagship event of ours, Sitsit returns once more. Don your most elegant attire and join us for a classy night full of songs, drinks, food and excitement!



Mountain Hike: On Saturday, you will have the choice between the two following activities: one mountain hike with a great view or a chilly option where you will have the opportunity to discover a medieval town and taste some good swiss cheese

Sunday's Adventures: On Sunday, to conclude this weekend, we are offering you two options, a chilly one and a sporty one. You’ll have either the choice to stay near the chalet and get thrilled by the different activities of the leisure park of Moléson (bobsleigh, downhill cart, minigolf …) and visit a cheese factory, or to have the great opportunity to go for some canyoning in the river!


Pajamas Party: To start the weekend off right, we’ve organized a Pajamas party. Please bring your best pajama/one piece to fit in the theme of the party. You can earn a mystery shot if you achieve some challenge during the night. And don’t worry, there will be different cocktails and beer to drink all night long.

Draw on me party: Please bring an old white shirt (as people will write on the shirt, take one that you can throw away or keep as a wonderful souvenir!). This party is a silent party (with headphones that we will furnish). There will be different cocktails and beer to drink all night long.





On the first page of the registration, you will have to give some personal information. On the second page, you will be able to choose a package and add single evenings activities. These packages are detailed below. 

Welcome Week ( Monday to Thursday)

Price: 70 CHF
Date: Full week Mon 12.08 to Thu 15.08
Include: ALL daytime activities of the week (Speedfriending, Lavaux, Campus tour, City rally,  Olympiads) 


Price: 100 CHF
Date: full week Mon 12.08 to Thu 15.08)
Include: ALL day activities of the week (Speedfriending, Lavaux, Campus tour, City rally,  Olympiads) + ALL night activities (fondue, sitsit, refuge party and pub night +Nightclub )


In addition to these two packages, you have the possibility to purchase evening activities individually. 


Fondue Night
Price: 15 CHF
Date: Evening of Mon 12.09


Refuge Party
Price: 10 CHF
Date: Evening of Wed 14.09


Pub night + Nightclub
Price: Free but registration is required

Date: Evening of Thu 15.09


Be careful: the Weekend Chalet is not part of any package.


Weekend Chalet 

The chalet weekend has a base price that includes everything (transportation, overnight stay, meals from Friday night to Sunday lunch) except for the optional activities on Saturday and Sunday.


On the first page of the registration, you will have to give some personal information. On the second page, you will be able to choose the option you want for the day's activities. These options are summarized below. 


1. Base price Weekend Chalet: 150 CHF

2. Saturday options:

  1. Mountain hike:  11,8km with 1'050m of ascent and descent (+ 0 CHF)

  2. Chill hike: 6,9km with 165m of ascent and 500m of descent + visit of the city of Gruyères and its castle + House of Gruyère (+ 20 CHF)

3. Sunday options:

  1. Leisure park of Moléson + cheese factory (+ 20 CHF)

  2. Canyoning in the river (+ 120 CHF)

Chill around the chalet (+ 0 CHF)





Here is the link to the registration page of the next Welcome Week organized by ESN Lausanne (ESN UNIL + ESN EPFL) which will take place from the 12th to the 15th of September 2022!

Registration will open on Tuesday 23th August at 9AM.


And here is the link to the registration page of the Weekend Chalet that follows from the 16th to the 18th of September 2022.

Registration will open on Tuesday 23th August at 4PM.


In addition to the tickets, you will be able to buy the ESN card which allows you to get discounts on our events during the semester and in our partner restaurants, bars, etc.


All of our events unfortunately have a limited number of spots, and therefore we have to limit the number of different packages sold. In order to get a spot, we recommend you sign up for the welcome week on the first day of sales! 


Ticket Exchange:

  1. Before sales end: You may exchange your ticket with someone else for no specific reason. For the procedure of ticket exchange, please contact us by email (wwesnlausanne@gmail.com).
  2. After the end of the sales and before the beginning of the Welcome Week: You must provide a valid reason with a proof of your inability to participate in the Welcome Week. For the ticket exchange procedure, please contact us by email (wwesnlausanne@gmail.com).
  3. During the Welcome Week: No ticket exchange will be possible. Exception for Weekend packages which you will be able to exchange until Thursday 16th February under the same conditions as 2. 


There will be no refunds unless ESN Lausanne decides to cancel the event or part of it. In this case, the refund will be based on the number of days remaining and the price you paid. For the refund procedure, you will be contacted by ESN Lausanne.

Cancellation of the Welcome Week:

The Welcome Week will not be cancelled if there are Covid cases unless the number of positive participants surpasses 10% of the total participants. However, ESN Lausanne reserves the right to cancel if the health situation appears out of control, despite the fact that less than 10% of participants are positive. 




ESN Lausanne is exclusively organizing the ESN LAUSANNE WELCOME WEEK. We are not affiliated in any way to any Welcome parties or welcome activities organized by local bars, clubs or other student associations. 


All our Welcome Week activities are communicated through our official channels such as Telegram, Instagram, Facebook and of course, email !


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