Are you a student? Are you coming to Lausanne this upcoming spring semester? Do you want to fully immerse yourself in the Swiss culture during your stay in Lausanne? Are you awesome? Well, if you answered positively to all these questions, then brace yourself for the best semester of your life wink

We are ESN (Erasmus Student Network) Lausanne and we are here to help you make the best of your exchange.

Whether you are looking forward to meeting new people or are scared of being alone in a new city, we are here for you! 

Our amazing team of volunteers is working hard to prepare the best Welcome Week ever for you. From Monday (February 10, 2020) to Friday (February 14, 2020), you will get an opportunity to participate in a bunch of awesome events that will enable you to discover Lausanne, its students, its culture and its amazingness. As the cherry on the cake, we will spend the weekend from Friday (February 14, 2020) to Sunday (February 16, 2020) in a chalet in the Swiss alps where we will enjoy the snow and party until we drop.

Planning of the week:
* Monday (February 10, 2020):
We will kick off the week with an International Lunch that will give you a first glimpse into the big community of Lausanne exchange students. Moreover, we will organize a flea market for you where you will be able to buy kitchenware and other useful stuff that exchange students from the previous semester left behind. After that, you will get an opportunity to meet your fellow exchange students in the famous Speed Friending event followed by a delicious fondue. To wrap up the day, we organized a pub night for you.


* Tuesday (February 11, 2020):
In order to keep up the good pace, we prepared a Lausanne Rally for you. This will be a nice opportunity to discover the city and its most important spots by playing the treasure hunt game. For the evening, we have one more ace up our sleeve - the famous Sitsit. Briefly, this is a special kind of Swedish / Finnish dinner where you will eat, drink and sing during the whole evening wink


* Wednesday (February 12, 2020):
Wednesday is the games day! We will visit the Olympic Museum in the morning and in the afternoon we will have a small tournament that will allow you to demonstrate your games skills. In the evening, we will go to another pub where you will be able to enjoy the drinks at a reduced price thanks to the great deals we got for you. 


* Thursday (February 13, 2020):
We'll kick off the day with a free breakfast that will for sure give you enough strength for the rest of the day. There will also be another flea market for those who couldn't attend the one on Monday or for those who want to get more useful stuff for their apartment.  In the evening, you will get an opportunity to unleash the party animal in you at our awesome Welcome Party in one of the clubs in Lausanne.


* Friday (February 14, 2020):
The calm before the storm. In the morning, you will discover the worlds of EPFL and UNIL and get a glimpse into the best spots to study, eat, drink and relax on both campuses.


* Friday (February 14, 2020)  -  Sunday (February 16, 2020):
We will spend an amazing weekend in a chalet in the Swiss Alps! You will get an opportunity to enjoy the snow and party until you drop, which will for sure be an awesome introduction to your exchange semester in Lausanne wink


Additional information:
This is a brief overview of all the events that are going to take place during the Welcome Week. You can get more detailed information on every event here (click on the links provided in the text above) and on Facebook.

Website ESN EPFL: epfl.esn.ch
Website ESN UNIL: unil.esn.ch
Facebook Page ESN EPFL: https://www.facebook.com/esnepfl/
Facebook Page ESN UNIL: https://www.facebook.com/esn.unil/
Mascot ESN EPFL (Rick Roesti): https://www.facebook.com/rickroesti 
Mascot ESN UNIL (Colonel Fondue): https://www.facebook.com/fondue.colonel.5
Instagram ESN EPFL: esn_epfl
Instagram ESN UNIL: esn_unil
Telegram Channel: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEs3V5QV2nRZg9rCXw?fbclid=IwAR2gUMTgmsfjAcgbnj-IW725VnaCUpeB1DpcQ_xX4gZHaf7RSu7rpDnaGI4

Facebook Group for exchange and international students in Lausanne:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/ESNLausanne/

For all the events except the Chalet Weekend, a link to the registration form is provided in detailed event descriptions here and on social media. 
For the Chalet Weekend, the email with the registration link will be sent out on January 28 during the day.

In case you have questions regarding the Welcome Week, you can write us an email on the following address: wwesnlausanne@gmail.com

Here are some videos of the previous editions of the Welcome Week - have a look at them and get ready for a lot of fun in February wink


Your beloved Welcome Week Team heart


We would like to thank Le Castor Freegan, Durabilité EPFL, Mobilité Gaz & Enjoy Lausanne for their support during the Welcome Week in February smiley