Dear nature lovers, laugh
Meet the ESN camping! We will take you in Val de Bagnes (the Verbier valley, if you want) for an alpine getaway. We will be eating, partying and sleeping at 1700m. On top of that, you will get the opportunity to participate to activities (hikes, ...) or just chill around.
If you are planning to come, you should think about having a sleeping bag, sportswear, warm clothes, hiking shoes, reusable bottles to carry water around, … A detailed list will be provided to all participants! The rewards are breathtaking views, memorable parties, and a reconnection with Mother Earth.
First day: We arrive at the campsite in the afternoon, have dinner, and a small party before going to bed.
Second day: We get breakfast, you go to the activities that you have chosen (have lunch at some point), and come back to the campsite for dinner and a themed party in the evening.
Third day: We get a brunch and, eventually, go back to civilisation.
Note: The access to the campsite includes a 30 minutes walk at minimum, but it takes 2 hours if we unfortunately miss the bus. You should feel comfortable walking for that amount of time. In both cases, we can bring your stuff up so that you do not have to carry it.
✦ WHEN: Sunday 11th to Tuesday 13th of July
✦ WHERE: Couvert du Goly, Bruson
✦ MEETING POINT: Lausanne train station (main hall)
Erasmus with ESNcard: 60 CHF
Erasmus without ESNcard: 65 CHF
Anyone else with ESNcard: 65 CHF
Anyone else without ESNcard: 70 CHF
You get a 25 CHF discount if you have the AG.
Note: The price includes transportation, food & drinks for three days, tents for two nights (to share with two other persons), and free activities. In case you wish to participate in additional special activities that we might propose, you'll have to pay for yourself.
COVID: Even if you are vaccinated, we will ask you to perform an autotest on the day of departure for the safety of everyone!
✦ REGISTRATION: Spots are limited! First come, first served. Filling the form DOES NOT guarantee you a place, it will be reserved only when you come to pay!
1. Begin by filling this form:
2. Come pay during our office hours (only then your place will be confirmed):
At UNIL office (cash only):
From Monday 28th to Wednesday 30th of June, from 12pm to 1pm
Office in Anthropole (1128.1)
Please note that to access the Anthropole building, you must have your UNIL CampusCard. For non-UNIL students, we recommend that you enter by the cafeteria entrances and not by the regular doors.
Via Zoom (payment with PayPal or TWINT):
On Monday 28th of June from 12pm to 1pm
Connect to this Zoom link:
You will then be placed in the waiting room and, when your turn comes, you will be put in contact with one of our members who will take care of your payment (PayPal or TWINT). Please note that if you pay online, you will have to pay a 7% tax.
There won’t be any sales at the CHUV as the AEML office will close during the revision season.
Note: Once you have paid, if you want to cancel you must find someone to take your spot and notify us about it!
We are looking forward to seeing you for this incredible hike!
Your beloved ESN Committee heart
11/07/2021 to 13/07/2021