Hey Erasmus student in the Olympic city of Lausanne!

We are very happy to present you one of the most exciting ESN events of the semester: International Erasmus Games 2017! Form your team and compete against the other Erasmus in 3 different sports: basketball, volley and futsal. The best teams will be sent to the international competitions in Porto (Portugal), where you will have the honor to represent Switzerland, your Erasmus country. So get your sport equipment ready and prepare yourself for the most incredible sport and team experience of your life!

The International Erasmus Games (IEG) 2017 edition will be held in 3 parts:

Sun, 5th of march 2017 >> Lausanne qualification. Enjoy a sports day in a good atmosphere among your Erasmus friends and get selected for the Swiss IEG qualification!

Weekend 25th / 26th of march 2017 >> Swiss IEG qualification. Did you know that Erasmus Student Network (ESN) exists at 15 different universities of Switzerland? At least 8 of them will join us for a friendly competition and getting trained even harder! Of course there will also be a social program for the participants, we are still ESN :) The 3 winning teams (1 for each sport) will be sent to the official IEG 2017 in Porto, Portugal!

18th - 21th of may 2017 >> 37 countries, 3 sports and around 400 Erasmus students all united together for this crazy sport weekend. If you made it until here - just enjoy! And let the Swiss delegation be the best delegation of course :)

REGISTRATIONS: Fri, feb 24th 12:00 - Wed mar 1st 16:00 at Agepoly desk (ME C1 398.1) fo EPFL students and on the same days from 12:00 - 13:00 in the ESN office at Anthropole for UNIL students.

TEAMS: The teams consist of 5 players (futsal), 3 players (basketball) and 6 players (volleyball), with max. 2 reserve players per team. You can come with a complete team to the registration, or just sign up with a random team. Every person can play up to 2 different sports.

PRICE: CHF 10.- for 1 sport and CHF 15.- for 2 sports, +5.- if you don't have the ESNcard. The price includes a sandwich for lunch.

SELECTIONS: The 3 best teams (1 for each sport) will be selected for the Swiss qualification on the 25th/26th of March (participation for free). And the 3 best teams of the Swiss qualifications can participate to the finals in Porto, Portugal on 18th - 21th of may 2017. A reasonable participation fee will be due for this trip, but you can still decide not to go after being selected.

LOCALS: The event is mainly for Erasmus students. If you are a local student, you can still come and play together with your Erasmus buddies / friends, but there has to be a minimum of 50% of Erasmus students in each team for the local qualifications.

We hope we've managed to motivate you to join the#InternationalErasmusGames2017 ! 

Your beloved ESN EPFL + UNIL Erasmus Games organisation committee

05/03/2017 - 00:00
CHF 10.- for 1 sport and CHF 15.- for 2 sports, +5.- if you don't have the ESNcard. The price includes a sandwich for lunch.
  • Everyone is invited.