Hello language lovers!
Do you want to improve your skills in a foreign language and meet new people at the same time? Then we are happy to launch our brand new project, the tandem program which is all about discovering new horizons! enlightened
How does that work ?
You will be assigned to another person who wants to learn or improve in your mother tongue and the same the other way: this person will help you learn or improve in his/her mother tongue. You can meet (in person or online) and have conversations and/or help/be helped in your lectures (if you have any in your target language).
This program is open to everyone, no matter what institution you come from or whether you are a student or not! smiley
Just fill out the form here and we will put you in tandem with someone who matches what you're looking for!
We hope you will enjoy it! 
Your beloved ESN committee heart
22/02/2021 to 15/04/2021