Hi !

You are a student? You are coming to Lausanne next semester? You want to live the wonderful Swiss experience during your stay? You are awesome? Nevermind, you already answered that one if you said yes to the two first ones.
We are ESN and we are here to help you make the best of your exchange.

Wether you are looking forward to meet new people or are scared to find yourself on your own, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!!!

Our team of staff are preparing you the best Welcome Week EVER for you to discover Lausanne, its students, its culture, its AMAZINGNESS. From Monday till Friday we will be organising events all over the city to help you find your marks and for the Grand Finale, we will spend an incredible week-end in a chalet of the Swiss Alps for the crazy combo: Hike&Party til your legs drop along with only about 150 other students.

Planning of the week:
* Monday 9th of September:
Let's start this marvelous week the right way!!! At the menu we can offer you an International lunch where all of you have the chance to discover the food and culture of the other students as well as share yours. Then during the afternoon you will have a better chance to meet your fellow exchange students in our famous Speedfriending event followed by your very first Swiss dinner. No candle lights but do not fear, it will be cheesy wink Finally we will officialise this week as it should with our favourite menu: Bar-into-Club.

* Tuesday 10th of September:
You will finally get a good opportunity to discover the city itself with the Lausanne Rally: we will take you treasure hunt style from spots to spots in the city center so that you can own this beautiful city. And for the evening, we prepared you an amazing Sitsit: a singing dinner where you will get to stay hydrated for the whole evening while joining voices Finnish style surprise

* Wednesday 11th of September:
Spoooooorts day its here laugh Starting with a visit of the Olympic Museum in the morning, you will then be able to make your effort of the week in the ESN Olympiads followed by a big BBQ on the lake shore. Finish your day with us in bar of the city center chosen by our care with sweet deals as always to make it easier for you not to be thirsty.

* Thursday 12th of September:
We like to start it early as we cannot wait to see you with a lil’ breakfast as we like it. In the morning, UNIL exchange students will have a non-mandatory tour of their campus while EPFL students will rest. But no rest for the best, for we will keep the party going first in another of Lausanne best bars, then we will take you to move your hips in one of our favourite club.

* Friday 13th of September:
The calm before the storm. In the morning UNIL students will get to rest while EPFL students will discover their campus with us so that you know the best spots to eat, study or just hang out with a beer before/during/after classes.

* Friday 13th  until Sunday 15th of September:
The Famous Chalet Week-End finally arrived!!! We will take you to the Swiss Alps to two days and a half so that you can at last rest after this amazing week … REST? Who needs to rest? All week-end long, hikes, visits, games and parties will be organised to keep you going from sunrise till sunset wink

Additional information:
So here is the general plan, but much more info will arrive soon enough so that you can organise yourself and register for those crazy events. 
So stay tunes on our various ways of communicating so that you don’t miss anything.
You should also befriend our lovely mascots that we exploit to promote our events devil All links below
Notice that a Facebook group will soon be created to centralise the information.

Website ESN EPFL: epfl.esn.ch
Website ESN UNIL: Unil.esn.ch
Facebook Page ESN EPFL: https://www.facebook.com/esnepfl/
Facebook Page ESN UNIL: https://www.facebook.com/esn.unil/
Mascot EPFL: https://www.facebook.com/rickroesti 
Mascot UNIL: https://www.facebook.com/fondue.colonel.5

For most of the week event, the link to a form will be given to you, you should fill it and then pay the participation fees (when there are any)  at one of our events.
Regarding the Chalet weekend, when registration will open, a registering link will be provided to you allowing you to pay via internet. 

If you have any more question about the welcome week, you can contact us at wwesnlausanne@gmail.com

To get a taste of what it looks like, here are the aftermovies of 2 of our welcome weeks ;) Enjoy


We hope to see all of you there, don't miss out wink

09/09/2019 - 08:00 to 15/09/2019 - 22:00