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Hi everybody!

Nothing is sadder than missing an event organized by ESN right? That’s why we created for Erasmus students an exclusive and essential Telegram broadcast channel so that you always know what’s coming next! 

What is a broadcast channel you may ask? Simply put, it’s a one-way (no-spam) group, in which you receive push notifications of upcoming events! And the good news is that this broadcast channel comes with a chat, in which you can share what you want, or even ask a question about an event (the chat can be muted)! 

Why Telegram? Simply because it allows us to have an unlimited amount of followers and it’s way simpler than Whatsapp! 

Are you wondering how to join this awesome channel right now? Nothing simpler, make sure to have Telegram installed on your phone (you can actually install Telegram on iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux,...), and click on the link above!

Don’t want to use Telegram? Don’t worry, everything is still gonna be posted on Facebook too, this is just an additional tool to keep up with all of our events.