WHAT: Lausanne Hockey Club vs. EV ZUG Match! 

WHEN: Friday 17th February 2017

WHERE: Malley Ice Skating Rink

PRICE: 10.- 

HOW TO REGISTER : IN PERSON, at one of our offices - see below

MEETING POINT: 6.30 pm at M1 stop "Malley"

WHAT TO BRING: Your good mood and motivation!

REGISTRATION: Places are limited. You MUST register in person and pay beforehand for this activity at one of our offices:

- EPFL students: Go to the office in Agepoly from Monday 13th to Thursday 16th, between 12 and 1pm.

-UNIL and HEP students: Go to the office 1128.1, Anthropole building, from Monday 13th to Thursday 16th, between 12 and 1pm.http://unil.esn.ch/office

Please note that we cannot accept any last minute registration. Thank you for your understanding. 

Dear exchange students and Swiss buddies,

As part of our Welcome Week, we will take you to the match of the Lausanne Hockey Club (LHC) vs. EV ZUG. Whether you are a born hockey fan or a first-timer, the atmosphere of the stadium and the motivation of the fans will definitely make up for an exciting night! Thanks to our partnership with the LHC, we are able to offer you the ticket, a sausage and a drink for only 10.-, a real bargain! (First drink needs to be bought, 2nd is free!). So whether you know about Hockey or not, come and join us to learn amazing supporter songs, paint your face, and get ready to support the best team ever, yours (at least during your Erasmus :) ) !

We are looking forward to seeing you there and can’t wait to scream out loud Lausanne traditional songs along with you!

Your beloved ESN EPFL & UNIL committees


17/02/2017 - 18:30 to 22:00
10 CHF
  • Everyone is invited.